We are changing the way people buy, sell, and use a second home.

SHARA is the co-ownership platform that makes it possible for people to invest and use properties without all of the headaches.

With SHARA, ownership becomes not only possible but practical.

Enjoy more "bang for your buck" in purchase power. Arrive, at your vacation, on vacation, ready to relax because the work is all done. Less hassle, more fun, and when you're ready to spend your precious time somewhere else, simply sell your share.

Plan long stays or be spontaneous and pop in (when the property is available). Host your friends and family and give them an experience like none other. Or take time for yourself to be quiet and rejuvenate. It's all possible and it's easier than you think.

What is SHARA?

Let our CEO explain how SHARA delivers the ability to co-own with friends, family and partners, enabling your dreams to take shortcuts!

Airbnb and other STR platforms allow home owners to rent their home on their platforms.

STR platforms do not allow home owners to sell shares of their home.

STR platforms create a "landlord" or "property management" work load for home owners.

SHARA is a co-ownership platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and use a second home under the protection of an LLC.

SHARA's platform allows home owners to easily sell shares of their home on the MLS.

SHARA allows owners alternatives to enjoy their second home while still having opportunities if owners approve for controlled and managed STR.


The hotel marketing looks beautiful. Maybe there is even a brand name synonymous with quality prominently displayed in the lobby. You scan your key card, walk in your room and realize you've been taken.

Or you book that short term rental you've had your eye on. Photos are gorgeous. Reviews seem normal. As your ride share is taking you there, your driver asks "Are you sure this is where you're staying?" And upon arrival your romantic bungalow for two is next to a cemetery.... like the only thing on the street is a cemetery and the house you're staying in.

Yup - those have both happened to us and probably have happened to you. When we are in those situations, we ask ourselves - do we enjoy traveling here enough we should just own a place?

Buy, Sell, and ENJOY with SHARA

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Increase in buying power, casts a wider net in the market, provides an alternative to buying or selling 100% of a second home.

Peace of mind. Enjoy your vacation home with likeminded owners vs. STR market risks and tenants.

The SHARA platform creates an LLC, handles the entire co-ownership transaction, and creates stress-free usage agreements for owners.

SHARA Helps Maximize Value

Learn how SHARA helps you implement utilization rules and manage the property to protect the value of your second home!

Why Agents Love SHARA

"SHARA gives my buyers and sellers more options, opportunities, and a stress-free experience. Introducing your clients to the SHARA platform is a must if you are a broker in the second home market."

Dan Redwine

Broker | Sothebys Realogics

Host, The Master Plan TV

Why Builders Love SHARA

"When you build a spec home you want to cast a very wide marketing net to a lot of prospective buyers. With SHARA I can cast a very wide net and know the buying experience will be a good one. As a builder I love absolutely love it."

Cliff Melby

Owner | Woodridge Custom Homes

Featured Builder | Suncadia Resort

Why Clients Love SHARA

"We were tired of the stress the STR market and tenants created. Being an 'Airbnb landlord' took a lot of the fun and relaxation out of owning a second home. With SHARA we sold 3 shares of our second home at a great price and can just ENJOY it the way we hoped for originally!"

Erin Roberts

Surprise, Arizona


Multi-generational Ownership Support

SHARA Co-Ownership is not only for new owners, let us help you manage your multi-generational vacation homes, whether through allocation to your children or even freeing up capital with our Reverse Acquisition program!


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Snohomish, WA 98290

Tel. (564) 203-4440

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