Time for a change?

SHARA helps you sell by maximizing

the VALUE of your lifestyle home

If you're selling a luxury lifestyle property, it's important to make sure you get all of the value for your home

SHARA is a company that specializes in:

  • Help sellers maximize value of their homes
  • Create Opportunities buyers never thought possible

We understand that lifestyle properties are different than primary homes, and we know how to maximize their value.

Our selling experience boasts a multitude of options that are exclusive to luxury homeowners.

From our wide range of marketing resources to our unique ownership platform, we will help you get the most value for your home.

We understand that luxury living comes at a premium, and we work with you to ensure your return on investment and give your buyers a unique and affordable opportunity.

Protect your Price

  • Retain value by providing a unique and affordable solution

  • Lifestyle properties are different then a primary residence and must be marketed as such

Financial Planning

  • Great opportunities for Seller Financing!

  • Sell shares over time and leverage tax planning opportunities and 1031 exchanges

Continued Enjoyment

  • Retain up to half of your property to continue making memories with friends & Family

  • Offer family the ability to buy in and share ownership with you

Broaden Your Buyers

  • Open up to the new Value Conscious Pay for Use Buyer

  • Provide a VALUE based solution to reduced buying power

We believe that luxury properties should be enjoyed by many, and not just a select few. Our goal is to create new opportunities for people to enjoy all that luxury living has to offer.

Maybe you're looking to free up some equity and dump the maintenance, upkeep, and headache of managing a second home. Our reverse acquisition program was made for you.

Or it is time to move on, but a multi-million dollar home in today's market is a difficult sale. Our buyers are ready to lock arms in co-ownership and together they can pay you what the property commands.

Last but not least, you're looking not only for a handsome ROI but future investment opportunities. Let our platform work for you through seller financing the future owners yet minimizing your risk by diversifying it among the co-owners... all backed by an asset no one understands more than you. Now you're getting your price plus interest income!


110 Cedar Ave STE 104

Snohomish, WA 98290

Tel. (564) 203-4440

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